Installation and repair of heat storage systems on the North Shore and surrounding areas

Comfort at lower rates

Less well known in Québec, electric thermal storage (ETS) is a technology that has been in use for a number of years in areas where dynamic pricing is available.

Contact the professional technicians at JR Énergie to install or repair your dual-energy systems on the North Shore and in the surrounding areas in order to use electricity wisely and take advantage of a reduced rate.

Thermal storage


Better for the environment

A central heating ETS system is 100% electric. If it replaces equipment that runs on fossil fuels, it protects the environment and reduces your greenhouse gas emissions, as electricity generated in Québec is 99% clean and renewable.

Ref.: Hydro-Quebec

When the outside temperature is -12° C or higher, the heating system works on electricity, and the energy that is consumed is billed at the reduced rate.


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